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Signs You Need To Get Asphalt Repairs

Signs You Need To Get Asphalt Repairs

It's easy to think your asphalt driveway, parking lot, or roadway will last forever, but the truth is that these asphalt structures age and other issues can cause a faster deterioration. Waiting until the potholes or other problems get so bad before you take care of the asphalt repairs will only lead to more trouble later.

As an expert in asphalt repair with many years of experience in the Canton area, our professionals at Georgia Asphalt Services recommend to get the necessary repairs you need as soon as you notice problems rather than to delay.

To help you identify problems early, take a look at the following signs which indicate the need for asphalt repairs. If there's ever a question, don't hesitate to call in an asphalt paving contractor to inspect the structure and determine if asphalt repairs are in order. That one phone call could save you thousands later.

Signs You Need To Find An Asphalt Repair Company

  • Rainwater pooling on the asphalt surface - This indicates a drainage problem which needs to be remediated.
  • Ripples or depressions in the asphalt - Distortions indicate that the aggregate or granular base is weak because of a poor quality construction.
  • Crumbling or deteriorating edges - The top asphalt layer isn't protecting the base layer from rainwater. Can happen because of traffic loads, age, rainwater drainage problems, or poor construction.
  • Weak and crumbling spots - Asphalt will get weak and start to crumble into the form of potholes due to normal wear and tear, oil or gasoline spills, or water pooling problems. Look for weak spots and get the asphalt repair done before the pothole actually forms because water is already seeping into the base.

If you're looking for an asphalt repair company in the Canton Area, call 404-985-6903, or complete our online request form.