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Recent Projects and Photos by Georgia Asphalt Services

Asphalt Paving for residential driveway

The homeowner called us on this project because she wanted asphalt paving she was sick and tired of the weeds growing up through the driveway and all of the dust and dirt that goes along with a gravel driveway so to fix this for her, we […]

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Commercial seal coding project in cumming, Georgia

On a project like this, we always come in and thoroughly clean the entire parking lot using power brooms and blowers to ensure a clean bondable surface within address any oil spots with a oil spot primer to ensure sealer adheres properly after parking lot is […]

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New driveway install in Hampton

This was a new construction driveway that had an existing stone base. We came in today did a finish grade over the entire driveway, compacted the existing sub base with a vibratory roller to ensure maximum compaction. We then paved the driveway with DOT approved finish […]

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